Chevrolet Cavalier test drive experience

Chevrolet Cavalier in terms of hardware is not too out of color, with only a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine , but not the newest, and the engine matches the old partner is a 6-speed manual gearbox. If you use one of the words to describe, I would use proven, for economical family car, this is very real.

■ test drive experience

If the configuration table holding a paper that Chevrolet Cavalier power system like nothing worthwhile to say, the parameter is not high, but also no high-tech. However, the actual open up the user experience is rhythmic, big brands produced, knowledge is still there, mainly in the speed throttle response, transmission shift logic, steering feel and so on.


Chevrolet Cavalier accelerator pedal stroke is not long, but the tone, quite spiritual, vehicle for change in the depth of the throttle is very sensitive, multi-stepped a little immediately downshift, more than half of the trip, then immediately drop two block, then it is not enough down three gear, no more. Let’s say I walked 60km / h speed, current gear 6-speed, throttle suddenly added to the depth of about half, immediately dropped to a 4-speed gearbox, the reaction time is very short, the user is the first to feel positive response to the call of the vehicle attitude, and is enough to accelerate efforts.

Chevrolet Cavalier gearbox lifting gear very positive initiative with acceleration needs of users, but also bring some side effects, and that is when accelerating passionate engine noise. Like eating cold medicine is easy to fall asleep, like, no way, to solve big problems, small problems on Renren it, one would like. After completion of the acceleration operation, the transmission will upshift quickly, and then restore calm.


Chevrolet Cavalier steering calibration is quite “normal“, that is, scooter appearance, not pay attention to what’s driving pleasure. Although it takes the ordinary route, but manufacturers can still see basic tuned out. Mainly in the high-speed running and the line, the intensity of the steering wheel steady, body movements and lines also simply agile, makes my heart at ease.

A penny stock is the last word, so the evaluation of the same thing, he often used to do the reference price. Test drive the car Chevrolet Cavalier almost 11 million, or “content” probably is the price level, for example, such as vibration damping performance. The good news is chassis lingers, good high speed stability; performance of the general aspect is more road feel, crushing the car reached more vibration, have an impact on comfort. I feel that the maker of the foundation to ensure that the driving stability, and price is determined with texture.


Noise and vibration performance is almost in itself is quite satisfactory level, once exposed to short acceleration on the board, the engine ‘s breathing could be heard very clearly, as if to bring a doctor’s stethoscope, directly attached to the probe in the engine on. Some say the truth in this also applies, in fact, similar models are the kettle black level, Chevrolet Cavalier is up to fifty paces that, did not have to take less.


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