Apple drops or traveling co-developed an unmanned vehicle

Now, autopilot technology not only allows its coveted veteran car manufacturers, car sharing services also for the technology. Apple drops or traveling co-developed. In August, the world’s largest car-sharing service Uber has announced, will work with Volvo to jointly invest $ 300 million to develop autonomous vehicles. Both sides have a strong interest in this technology, and will work towards that goal.
Now, drops travel is also set their sights on this area. The company will join forces Apple to jointly develop autonomous vehicles. Earlier this year, Apple to the company into a $ 1 billion investment, the recent drops in the travel co-founder Wu Rui said his company is likely participants apple cooperative research and development of unmanned vehicles.
Wu Rui pointed out that travel by bit mastered the travel route, the two sides will use the data developed an exciting works.
However, Bloomberg previously reported that Apple’s army into the electric vehicle industry has broken dreams, the technology giant will no longer be able to produce and Tesla products compete electric car. This report pointed out that Apple’s goal has shifted from the original car manufacturer to develop automatic driving software. The company will establish partnerships with existing carmakers with its software products.
Whether traveling Bloomberg drops as expected, after the production of cars, to configure Apple’s autopilot software? Also, or the two sides will jointly develop automotive hardware? We’ll see.


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