Electric cars modify part of their aid in South Korea

In order for the sale of electricity-powered cars to increase, these should improve two of their critical points. The first and most evident is the scarce autonomy they still have and the second is that their price is still high compared to other cars. Some countries, such as the United States or South Korea, are helping their citizens to purchase these types of cars, but it seems that the measures taken might change to benefit their local brands.

South Korea has established aid for the purchase of electric vehicles of up to 18,000 dollars but the rules that have to be met to receive them still seems to be in the air. According to have informed the authorities of the country the sale of Tesla Model 3 and BYD e6 have exploded and it seems that they are not very happy with this situation. Therefore, they would have decided to change the conditions of obtaining these aids to discourage the purchase of these vehicles.

At first, the authorities had not established the time in which the batteries of these cars had to be recharged, nor did they specify what type of shots they had to do it. However, now things have changed and have set a recharge time of 10 hours maximum using a normal plug socket. With this modification Model 3 and e6 are out of the aid and therefore both firms would see their sales reduced.

We must bear in mind that South Korea is one of the main countries with the largest number of reserves of Model 3 and therefore the authorities want that instead of buying high-end electric vehicles produced abroad, look at local models such as Ionic electric. In addition, BYD also does not benefit this measure because being a car made in China authorities also do not agree that these vehicles come from this country.

What is clear is that with this measure they want to increase sales of electric vehicles in the country, although it seems they want to protect their automotive sector more than their fellow citizens.


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