Subaru will have a new WRX for after 2020

The year 2016 has been a turning point for Subaru. The Taurus constellation has sold more units than ever before and is preparing new models to make its range of products wider and more attractive to customers. One of the models that will mark this newly inaugurated 2017 is the new Impreza both for the importance that it has for the brand as for the jump in quality and technology with respect to its predecessor.

With the new generation of the Impreza, on the street, Subaru expects to reach more customers while increasing its presence in the main markets of the world. However, the new generation Impreza will not bring its best representative, the WRX. When it was presented in 2015 the fourth generation of this mythical car did without using the name Impreza and therefore from that moment they separated as two completely independent models.

At this time we know that the WRX will face a face lift for 2018, but as we have learned this restyling will not be as deep. The reason to apply a layer of makeup and little more to this model is that by the year 2020 we should have the new Subaro WRX on the street. According to several sources the new model will settle on the new and modern modular platform of Subaru and also could incorporate some hybrid mechanics.

The reason for stretching the commercial life of the current WRX is that it was introduced relatively recently and since it is no longer part of the Impreza family it is necessary to give their time to each one. For now the Japanese compact will be completing its range with new variants among which will be the most interesting STI. In addition, the firm will use this time to launch other models with which to complete its portfolio.

For now we will have to wait to see the face wash that will present the WRX for the year 2018 and cross your fingers so that in 2020 we have a substitute that lives up to what we expect.


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