The Honda ZSX has been caught unplanned in California

The Honda NSX is one of the best super sports cars currently on sale. The Japanese firm took a long time to decide whether to return one of its best cars to life, but after all this time the wait seems to have been worth it. Another of the great cars that treasure the history of the firm is the Honda S2000 and, like the NSX is causing the firm’s managers are thinking if they resurrect it to bring it back into our lives.

The small brother of the NSX seems to be taking shape under the guise of a new concept that could be called NSX. This car is being developed for Honda to officially present at the upcoming New York Motor Show. However, as today there is nothing safe from the spy photographers, the first snapshots have already come to our hands that show us how could be the successor of the Honda S2000.

Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles Spy photos

Thanks to the guys from Red Book we bring you exclusive photos of the Honda ZSX. This denomination is still provisional since we do not know how the brand will definitively call it. However, that Honda registered this name in the US Patent Office gives us a clue as to where the shots will go. The car was photographed in the state of California, while its engineers were pausing after a day of testing and testing.

The ZSX looks like a roadster (or rather a Barchetta) without a roof (we imagine that it will have a canvas that will occupy little space and can be stored in the trunk). Your small front bonnet could indicate that we are a hybrid vehicle (would use a gasoline mechanic) or even electric. In the rear, its design resembles (vaguely remembers) that uses the 650S of McLaren.

For now few more data we know about this spectacular super sport. The only thing we can do for now is to wait for the New York Motor Show to open its doors and Honda decides to tell us what its immediate future plans are.

Source – Red Book


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