The PSA Group could be formally behind Lotus Cars

Shortly after breaking the news about the acquisition of Opel / Vauxhall by the PSA Group also came the news that the Gallic group might be thinking of making another addition. This possible new purchase would be that of the Malaysian firm Proton as it is going through a less delicate economic situation. This firm is part of the DRB-Hicom group along with Lotus Cars, a brand that is also for sale.

At first, the one who wanted to take ownership of Lotus Cars was the Chinese house Geely. Volvo’s current parent was interested in getting hold of this mythical signature, as it could help it to improve its image in sports vehicles. However, the news has come that Geely could have put aside his interest in the mythical English house and it would now be the PSA Group who might be more interested in taking ownership of this brand.

If we do a little memory, we can remember that DRB-Hicom bought Lotus Cars in 1996 and became part of their group with Proton. However, throughout all these years it has not been able to refloat the English mark as they had foreseen and the economic problems would have forced him to get rid of both firms. Therefore, now that the PSA Group might be interested in becoming Proton could also take the other brand at a more advantageous price.

This transaction would not be crazy at all because the French group is preparing to make the leap to the big international markets and Proton is an excellent springboard in the Asia-Pacific region. Also, with the acquisition of Lotus Cars could face the reborn Alpine Renault, as the PSA Group lacks a firm performance in its new portfolio of brands. They could cover a wider spectrum of customers with their brands, making their global expansion easier and faster.

Now it will be necessary to see if this information is correct (and accurate) and if the accounts fit Carlos Tavares because now they have to spend a large sum of money to get hold of Opel / Vauxhall and fulfill all their commitments. We will be watching to see how the events unfold.


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