Aston Martin has in mind to electrify and hybridize its range for 2030

The companies dedicated to the manufacture and sale of super sports have a black horizon before the increasingly restrictive anti-pollution regulations. Aston Martin tried, with the disastrous Cygnet, to sell a model with which to reduce its average emissions, but as the invention did not go well they canceled it ahead of time. Exhausted the way to grow down with models of access only have two ways, or hybridize their range or electrify it.

Taking this situation into account, Aston Martin has decided to take both roads at the same time. According to Andy Palmer, the brand’s CEO, the brand’s engineers are working to hybridize and electrify their model range by 2030. The first stone of this new strategy is the RapidE electric, as it will serve as a breakthrough to improve technology and show customers the brand of what they are capable of.

In this line, Palmer has stated to the media that

“Aston Martin will be 100% electric between 2020 and 2030” “We will manufacture our own V-12 engine as we believe EVs are a basic technology and we want to do it ourselves.” “RapidE represents a sustainable future in which values of Aston Martin seductive style and performance coexist with a new powertrain with zero emissions “

According to the first estimates of the brand, by the year 2030, their sales should be in 25% of electric vehicles and the rest should be divided between the hybrids and those that remain with traditional mechanics. To achieve this, according to those responsible for Aston Martin is already producing the first All-Electric Aston Martin, so the technology would already be in testing stages.

We will have to see if Aston Martin is able to carry out these ambitious plans because it wants to do it alone and without the help of other manufacturers. They want their hybrid and electric technology to be their own and for this, they will not establish any alliances with other firms beyond those strictly necessary. We hope that your pocket is deep enough as the competition runs every day and is positioned in the best niches of the market.

Source – AutoNews


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